How To Have A Threesome- Lesson 1


Certified 100% Organic

Thousands of men and women have written me, or approached me after my live show, saying, “Dr. Alex, I really want a threesome! How can I make it happen?!”

You can’t.

Just as you can’t force enlightenment, You can’t “make a threesome happen.”  It must happen organically. You can’t go looking for it. Being a Threesome Seeker will give you The Look Of Expectation.  And, if you have The Look of Expectation on your face, NOBODY will want to have a threesome with you.


Both totes Threesome Seekers

Both totes Threesome Seekers

However, you can develop an awareness that will help you instantly detect other Threesome Seekers. You can create a powerful magnetic energy that will pull Threesome Seekers directly into your orbit. And you can be prepared, so that when they come into your orbit and that threesome happens, all three of you have MBOs all over the place.

This week, I’m going to tell you WHERE to find Threesome Seekers, HOW to attract them into your orbit and WHAT to do (and not do) to make the threesome a magical and orgasmic experience for all involved.

I must go now, because these beautiful gentiluomini are preparing a post-MBO lunch for me. Read the posting below and prepare your environment so you can become the STAR of your own threesome. And tomorrow we will go deeper.

The world is a happy place after MBOs

Certified 100% Orgasmic. The World is a happy place after MBOs.


Want an Advance Copy of Never Sleep Alone?


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Reading Is Fun.


The Proper Environment For Seduction


Nobody wants to have a sexual encounter in an apartment that looks like that. If you want to Never Sleep Alone, you must inspire and seduce everyone around you into wanting to become a part of your world. Your home is the most important part of that world. You must be inspired and turned on by your own environment, and the second someone walks through your door, they must feel like they are entering the magical, sensual world of an Exceptional Individual.

Therefore, you must eliminate all of the anti-sensual shit that most people usually have in their homes and create a unique and exquisite environment that is cinematically beautiful and appeals to the five senses of sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch.

You Must Eliminate This Shit From Your Home

Dirty Laundry, Dirty Dishes, Dirty Litter Boxes, Dirty Pets*, Dirty Anything:  It’s gross. Clean it, hide it, or euthanize it.

Florescent Lighting: It makes everyone look horrible and feel gross. Overhead lighting of any kind is a bad idea.

Magazines, Newspapers or Books In the Bathroom: Nobody wants to think of you reading on the toilet.

Photos of exes, photos of you when you were much younger, photos of dead pets: This implies that you are holding on to the past, which is very depressing and very unattractive. And don’t display your graduation photos. No matter how recent it was, it’s just sad to think you’re still holding on to that day. Get a new high point.

 Stuffed Animals, Toys, Dolls, or Action Figures: Grow up


This photo is of the same exact apartment, cleaned up and styled. THAT’s a bed people would want  to give you an MBO in.

Remember the NSA Principle of STAR?

STAR= Style Transcends Actual Reality.

Essentials for an Exquisite Environment

If you want to Never Sleep Alone, whether you are a male or a female, you must have the essential elements and items listed below in your home:

Candles: Candles instantly transform the appearance of a home and create a warm and sensual environment. Candlelight is also the most flattering light for the human face and body.

Music:  You should always have at least three hours of diverse, inspiring, and sensual music ready to play the second you arrive home.         Always play music through a decent set of speakers, or a stereo system. Computer sound is depressing.

So much better.

So much better.


Champagne, Wine, Basic Liquors, and Non-Alcoholic Beverages:  Offer the champagne or wine first with the less cinematic liquor and beer as a backup option. If your guest doesn’t want to drink any alcohol, DBA about it.


Be (an)


Fresh Flowers and Live Plants: One bouquet of fresh flowers instantly transforms an ordinary room into a cinematic environment and implies that you are an Exceptional and Romantic Individual. Fresh cut flowers make people think of cobblestone streets, vintage bicycles, and afternoons spent in the outskirts of Paris making sweet love in secret gardens under the warm spring sun. Never have dying flowers or plants in your house. No dried flowers, either. Dried flowers are the decoration of choice for suicidal teenagers and bitter old women. They will make people unconsciously think of dying animals and decaying genitalia.

 A bowl of fresh fruit: Always keep a bowl of real fresh fruit on your kitchen table or counter. Looking at fruit makes people think about oral sex. Eating fruit (especially pineapple!) makes people’s genitals taste amazing. WAW.

Coffee and Tea: Most people want coffee or tea in the morning. You must have these on hand in case someone spends the night.

Extra Toothbrushes: Because using a finger as a toothbrush is unsanitary and depressing.

Condoms: Self-explanatory.

See you tonight at Joe’s Pub, New York City at 9:30pm. There are less than ten tickets left. If you’re coming, get them now by clicking the yellow button.

GDGH Demo 1




How To Dress for NSA and Every Day

Me and the mayor of Fiesole's son. This is an NSA Fashion "DO"

Me and the mayor of Fiesole’s son. He is an example of an NSA Fashion “DO”

If you want to Never Sleep Alone, you must always dress in a way that heightens your presence and makes you stand out from the rest of the Mediocre Majority. In order to look like an Exceptional Individual, all you have to do is costume yourself according to the Collective Erotic Unconscious and embody a SocioSexual Archetype.

Me and a random beta-male in Piazetta Nilo. He is an NSA Fashion "DON'T"

Me and a random beta-male in Piazetta Nilo. He is an NSA Fashion “DON’T”

The Collective Erotic Unconscious consists of the historical collection of mankind’s universal and erotically charged experiences of the primeval emotions of love, lust, envy and fear. The SocioSexual Archetypes are the characters who have recurred throughout history in various forms and have always stirred within us those primeval emotions, while simultaneously representing our own inner struggle between light and dark. I know it seems complicated, but all you really need to understand is that every woman on earth wants to sleep with an intelligent soldier, a sensitive investment banker, a masculine dance instructor, or a rich vampire. And every man on earth wants to sleep with a prostitute in a red dress, his mother in a flowing gown or his best friend in a tailored suit.


Lecturing the scugnizzi of Napoli on the importance of grooming and hygiene

Accept these undeniable truths. Then costume yourself and behave accordingly.

And, remember that the way you smell is even more important than the way you look. Never smell like dying flowers, mothballs, creamed-corn, aged cheese, stale beer, musty attics, abandoned butcher shops, active fishing boats, dried urine, or stale breadcrumbs.

Brush your teeth and floss at least twice a day, use gum or mints after smoking and/or drinking coffee or alcohol (these quickly create bacterial compounds that cause horrible breath — espresso + marijuana and beer + parmesan are among the worst combinations) and visit the dentist often so that your mouth doesn’t smell like a rotting corpse.

NSA Truth Bad breath is the number one killer of seduction.

Make sure your hair and armpits always smell like heaven and your genitals always taste like ambrosia. Eat lots of pineapple. Avoid asparagus.

Come to the NSA Seminar this Friday 6/6 at 9pm at Gypsy Sally’s in Washington, DC so I can see your sexy outfit and taste your sweet breath.


NSA LIVE in Washington, DC- Friday, June 6th


I will be bringing the NSA Seminar to Washington DC for ONE NIGHT ONLY on Friday, June 6th, at 9:00pm. The show will be at Gyspy Sally’s on the canal in Georgetown with an after-party to follow at a very sexy lounge…

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Remember, if you sit in the SINGLES section, you agree to be an active participant in the show and understand you will most likely make out with strangers.

If you are coming from out of town, and need accomodations, consult the sites below.




3. Travelocity

I can’t wait to see you.

Your Best Friends Are Your Worst Sexual Enemies



Hello, my beautiful sexual angels! Things are amazing here in Napoli. Tomorrow I will offer a new lesson in my Go Down or Go Home series, but for today, check out the piece I did for, HERE.

And go out alone tonight.

I always go out alone.

And I Never Sleep Alone.


**Restaurant name blurred to keep the CockBlockers away

Unless I want to.

I’m getting the feeling I won’t want to tonight.

This guy is also dining alone.

Grazie, Napoli.

E prego.


Go Down or Go Home– Lesson 4


Here is lesson 4 in my oral sex series. Share with those who need to know, and scroll down for the other 3 lessons. Next week, I will do a series for women on how to be fantastic at fellatio. But, for now, gentlemen, Lesson 4 –

Lesson 4– She’s Clean, Bro

Never suggest a woman shower or shave before you go down on her. That is the biggest buzz kill ever. The vagina is a self-cleansing eco-system. Asking a woman to shower or shave before you go down on her is like picking all the toppings off a pizza before you eat it –

It’s something only annoying and unfuckable little boys do.


That’s all for now.

 I ran into an old friend.

A domani.

Go Down Or Go Home- Lesson 3


Due to the popularity of the oral sex piece I did for Complex Magazine, this week I am offering several expanded lessons about how to become a God at Going Down and a Master of MBOs.

MBO = Mind Blowing Orgasm

Over the last few days, I’ve received many emails and comments from men saying, “What guy DOESN’T like to go down on women? I do it all the time!”

I am so very proud of you, my fuckable little angels.

But, I guarantee you that over ninety percent of you are not doing it very well. Because, if you were amazing at going down on women, you wouldn’t have time to be reading this, because your phone would be blowing up with text messages and emails from women who want to go out with and go down on YOU, because you succeeded where most men fail.

During their first oral encounter with a new partner, most women will fake an orgasm. There are many reasons for this, but it is usually for one of the following reasons:

1. She’s never had a Mind Blowing Orgasm before and she doesn’t actually know what one feels like, so she just imitates what she has seen in pornographic movies.

2. She has had Mind Blowing Orgasms before, she knows what it takes to get her there,  she believes you will NEVER give her one, and she wants to get it the hell over with.

This is nobody’s fault.  Female genitalia is a very difficult thing to understand and each woman is different. Think of each new woman you sleep with as an intricate sexual flower that needs to be romantically seduced, rhythmically dominated, psychologically manipulated and spiritually penetrated if you want to see her bloom. I have been having lots of lesbian experiences lately here in Napoli, so that I can better understand where she is coming from and where you are coming from so that you may both come together over and over and over again.


Lesson 3– Educate Yourself

Of course, open communication is very important during the sexual encounter. But, just as you don’t want a girl holding your junk in her hand about to stick it into her mouth,  and saying, “So, I should use my teeth a little…?”, we also want to know you have a damn good idea of what you’re doing when you go down there.

What turns most women on is VERY different from what turns most men on. Therefore, watching YOUR favorite porn is not going to teach you how a woman likes you to go down on her. When men go down in porno movies, they tend to go way too fast and way too hard, (with the seduction and with the actual kissing, licking and fingering) and they tend to stop way too soon and move on to vaginal or anal intercourse before the woman has actually had an MBO.

To understand how a woman wants her junk handled,  you should watch lesbian porn and ask your female friends what their favorite guy-on-girl porn oral sex scenes are. You can also find someone to do an oral sex tandem exchange, where you practice your oral sex skills on each other in real world settings. It’s just like learning Italian!

Me and my tandem exchange partner practicing Lesson 1

Me and my tandem exchange partner practicing Lesson 1

Remember that for women, having an MBO is not an easy thing. Not only must she be physically stimulated, she must be psychologically stimulated if she is to enjoy the sexual experience. To know what it takes to get a woman off, you must watch the things that women get off on watching. I highly recommend immediately consulting the following three sources:

Dirty Dancing, Fifty Shades of Grey and the Colin Farrell sex tape.

Eat pussy like Patrick Swayze dances. Eat pussy like Christian Grey spends money. Eat Pussy like Colin Farrell eats pussy.

Trust me.


Go Down or Go Home– Lesson 2


Lesson 2: Slow Your Roll and Know Your Roles

Slow down! The number one mistake men make is taking the oral sex encounter too fast. Begin with a slow seduction – make her anticipate what’s coming. Take your time undressing, caressing and teasing her and you will both get much more enjoyment out of the oral sex experience.

To help you slow down, imagine that you are poor little urchin boy in a war-torn country. It’s Christmas at the orphanage, and she is the only gift you are getting, so you’d better unwrap her slowly and savor every second of the only happiness you will get all year long.


Learn the art of undressing at The NSA Seminar at Joe’s Pub

 NSA Truth

The slower you go, the faster she comes.


 Great oral sex should begin with exquisite torture and end in supreme worship. When the encounter begins, you are her master. You are the rebel prince and she is the innocent virginal princess. You instruct her where to lay, you tell her to stay quiet and be still like a good girl, you tease her with your lips, tongue and hands, making her wait to receive her pleasure.


And then, once you are down there, you are her servant. You are a lowly, yet perfect- tongued tribesman from an ancient agrarian society, and she is an all-powerful earth and sex goddess who controls the fate of your people. UnknownYou have been elected as the chosen one who must give the goddess the MBO she demands if she is to grant your people a fertile harvest. It is the last night of the spring equinox festival, all the other warriors have failed to please her, and if you fail, too, there will be no rains again this year, the crops will die and your people will face extinction.

When you are down there, you must do everything right – you must intuit her desires, impress her with your technique and make her feel that her happiness is your only concern in life. You will not stop until the goddess is satisfied. No matter how many women you’ve had before, SHE tastes the best. SHE smells the best. SHE looks the best. SHE feels the best. SHE is the best.  images

Tell her.


The fate of your people depends on her pleasure.