A Valentine’s Day Message From Dr. Alex

Do you have any idea how lucky you are that you are not in a long-term monogamous relationship right now?

You may be thinking, “But, I want one! Everyone I know who is in a long-term monogamous relationship is so happy all the time!”

They are lying.

Maybe they are happy some of the time. But the majority of their time is spent feeling annoyed, anxious, and/or horny. I guarantee you that more than 75 percent of the people who are constantly posting pictures of their partners and/or children on Facebook with status updates saying how blissfully happy they are, really want to say, “Can I please just drink a goddamned cup of coffee ALONE this morning and go out and fuck a random stranger tonight?!”

Right now, you are free. You are free to get what you want, when you want, and how you want, from whomever you want.  You are free to have MBOs with many different **PEEPs who can contribute many different things to your life while fulfilling your many erotic desires. You are free to learn more about yourself and sharpen your sexual skills while experiencing moments of euphoric happiness, exquisite pleasure, and real human connection.

MBO= Mind Blowing Orgasm

You are beautiful and perfect, and if I wasn’t in Thailand right now,  I would come over tonight and give you the V-DAY MBO you deserve. But, since I can’t be there with you, why don’t you dress up in an amazing outfit that makes you look like a STAR, go to a SocioSexual Watering Hole, and make it your goal to meet as many PEEPs as possible who can contribute to your SocioSexual Pleasure and give you MBO’s tonight, or whenever you and your PEEP(s) are ready for them.

PEEP= Person (of) Equivalent Erotic Potential

It is perfectly acceptable to sleep with only one PEEP at a time. It is also perfectly acceptable to sleep with three or more PEEPs at a time. Do or don’t do whatever makes you and your PEEP(s) feel wonderful about yourselves.


I’ve already met some very nice PEEPs this Valentine’s Day. And we’re about to go meet more PEEPs and dance the night away at The Full Moon Party. The one in the yellow shirt is trying to give me an MBO as I type this.

I’m twelve hours ahead of you.


How To Dress for NSA and Every Day

Me and the mayor of Fiesole's son. This is an NSA Fashion "DO"

Me and the mayor of Fiesole’s son. He is an example of an NSA Fashion “DO”

If you want to Never Sleep Alone, you must always dress in a way that heightens your presence and makes you stand out from the rest of the Mediocre Majority. In order to look like an Exceptional Individual, all you have to do is costume yourself according to the Collective Erotic Unconscious and embody a SocioSexual Archetype.

Me and a random beta-male in Piazetta Nilo. He is an NSA Fashion "DON'T"

Me and a random beta-male in Piazetta Nilo. He is an NSA Fashion “DON’T”

The Collective Erotic Unconscious consists of the historical collection of mankind’s universal and erotically charged experiences of the primeval emotions of love, lust, envy and fear. The SocioSexual Archetypes are the characters who have recurred throughout history in various forms and have always stirred within us those primeval emotions, while simultaneously representing our own inner struggle between light and dark.

I know it seems complicated, but all you really need to understand is that every woman on earth wants to sleep with an intelligent soldier, a sensitive investment banker, a masculine dance instructor, or a rich vampire. And every man on earth wants to sleep with a prostitute in a red dress, his mother in a flowing gown or his best friend in a tailored suit.


Lecturing the scugnizzi of Napoli on the importance of grooming and hygiene

Accept these undeniable truths. Then costume yourself and behave accordingly.

And, remember that the way you smell is even more important than the way you look. Never smell like dying flowers, mothballs, creamed-corn, aged cheese, stale beer, musty attics, abandoned butcher shops, active fishing boats, dried urine, or stale breadcrumbs.

Brush your teeth and floss at least twice a day, use gum or mints after smoking and/or drinking coffee or alcohol (these quickly create bacterial compounds that cause horrible breath — espresso + marijuana and beer + parmesan are among the worst combinations) and visit the dentist often so that your mouth doesn’t smell like a rotting corpse.

NSA Truth
Bad breath is the number one killer of seduction.

Make sure your hair and armpits always smell like heaven and your genitals always taste like ambrosia. Eat lots of pineapple. Avoid asparagus.

Come to the NSA Seminar at Joe’s Pub this Thursday at 9:30pm so I can see your sexy outfit and taste your sweet breath.


Welcome To NSA


My name is Dr. Alex Schiller and I Never Sleep Alone.

Unless I want to.

I want to help you. I want to help you become the most powerful version of yourself, so that you will never be lonely, or hungry or horny again.

I am often asked, “Dr. Alex, how do I find The One? How do I find that perfect person who makes me feel complete?”

My answer to that question is always the same:

To find The One, you must become The One.

NSA is a philosophy consisting of Nine NSA Principles, that when fully actualized, are guaranteed to transform you into The One.

Soon, we will meet face to face at one of my NSA Seminars. Soon, you will be given The Book. But, for now,  I want you to visit me here every day. Every day there will be new information. Every day there will be new revelations.

I want you to come often.


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Your One True Purpose In Life


You were put on this planet to have sex. This is your one true purpose in life. This is why, when you are having an orgasm, you feel at one with the universe. You are fulfilling your biological destiny.  You are doing what you were put on this planet to do. 

Your brain may argue against this. Your brain may say, “I was put on this planet to make great art,” or “I was put on this planet to make lots of money,” or “I was put on this planet to be good to my friends and family.” But your body is stronger than your brain. And your body wants sex. And if you don’t give your body what it wants on a regular basis, it is not going to let your brain enjoy anything. No matter how impressive your non-sexual achievements are, your body is going to keep telling your brain, “You are not good enough.”

The reason you feel so calm, happy and beautiful right after great sex is because your body has finally stopped fighting with your brain.  After great sex, you will find that you think clearly, perform better at work, are kinder to your fellow humans, and finally see the world for the magical place it really is.

Therefore, the more great sex you have, the more you will be able to actually enjoy the non-sexual moments of your life.

NSA Truth

In order to think clearly, you must fuck your brains out on a regular basis.

You speak in QUESTIONS?

I don't think I do that?

When making a declarative statement, you tend to place emphasis at the end of each phrase? As though you are asking a question?  When you’re not actually asking a question? This makes you sound rather stupid and very insecure? This gets way worse when you’re out with a group of your friends? Because same-sex friends unconsciously mimic each other’s speech patterns? This is making you unfuckable? You need to stop doing this immediately?


Stop it.

NSA December 6th 2013 11:30pm

Leave Your Cockblocking Phone At Home

Come to the NSA Seminar without your phone on Friday. I promise to hook you up.

Come to The NSA Seminar without your phone this Friday and I promise to hook you up.

Smartphones are turning human beings into SocioSexually Retarded robots who are incapable of making real human connections. Your desperate need to be in constant virtual connection with people via Facebook, text messaging and e-mail is keeping you from making actual connections with actual people who actually want to sleep with you.

If you want to Never Sleep Alone, you must start leaving your phone at home when you go out at night. I guarantee that if you stop taking your phone with you everywhere you go, you will become exponentially more attractive, you will be a happier person, and people will want to give you MBOs.

MBO=Mind Blowing Orgasm

How are you supposed to live without your phone?

Remember how to use a pen and paper?


All you have to do is figure out where you want to go, write down the name, address and directions on a piece of paper, and then go there.

If you get lost, you can ask a sexually relevant human being for help.

When I get lost, I ask a sexually relevant Human Being for directions.

When I get lost, I ask a sexually relevant human being for help.

Don’t say: “But, what if someone is trying to get ahold of me?!”

People can wait.

People want to wait.

NSA Truth

Making people wait makes people want to sleep with you.

I challenge you to come to The NSA Seminar and After-Party at Joe’s Pub this Friday night  without your phone. I guarantee it will be the best Friday night of your life.

Tickets available HERE.

Because they came alone, without their phones, they did not sleep alone.

They came alone. Without phones. And they did not sleep alone that night.

Never Be Afraid To ORGASM

Don't be afraid to tell him HOW you like it done. The next NSA Seminar is November 8, 2013 at Joe's Pub NYC.

Don’t be afraid to tell him HOW you like it done. The next NSA Seminar is November 8, 2013 at Joe’s Pub NYC.

Remember, the whole point of sex is that it is supposed to feel amazing for all parties involved. The only way that is going to happen is with open communication. Therefore, during a sexual encounter, you must never be afraid to ORGASM.







Always tell your sexual partner what pleases you and be very clear about what you are prepared to offer in return for that pleasure. Usually, reciprocal pleasure is enough.  But, money can make an incredible sexual experience even hotter. I’m not suggesting that you pay for sex, but you should consider using money (real or fake) as an enhancement to the sexual experience. You can play games such as “Filthy Cocktail Waitress” or “Peggy Guggenheim’s Favorite Artist”.

Roleplaying is a great way to enhance the sexual experience. Sometimes, he's a "poor artist" and I have a spare bed. Other times, I'm a "filthy cocktail waitress" and he has a hundred dollar bill in his hand...

Roleplaying is a great way to enhance the sexual experience. Sometimes, he’s a “poor artist” and I have a spare bed. Other times, I’m a “filthy cocktail waitress” and he has a hundred dollar bill in his hand…

Remember that YOUR pleasure is just as important as your PEEP’s Pleasure.  Always offer constructive criticism in a sexy and positive way. If a PEEP is not doing it the way you like it and you want them to change their technique, don’t say, “Ow! You’re doing it wrong!”

Begin every constructive criticism with a kind compliment. Kiss them and say, “You’re sooo amazing… Now can we try it a little slower (or faster, or harder or softer) Yessss. You are so good. Keep doing exactly that.”

Tell him HOW you like to be choked.

Tell him HOW you like to be choked.

And if they are doing it exactly the way you like it, be sure to tell them often. And always be very personal in your praise. Never say: “THAT is so good.” Or “THAT is so perfect.” Always say: “YOU are so good.” Or “YOU are so perfect.”

He did a very GOOD JOB! in that alley way.

He did a very GOOD JOB! in that alley way.

Remember that people want to be treated like children. But not ugly, stupid, unwanted children. People want to be treated like pretty, gifted and spoiled children. That’s why grown women are obsessed with cupcakes and grown men are obsessed with breasts.

So, remember to always make your Sexual Partner feel like they are doing a GOOD JOB! and they will keep coming back for  more.

 NSA Truth

“Give a man a fuck and he’ll come once…

Teach a man to fuck, and HE’LL KNOW HOW TO FUCK.”


Every great threesome begins with great conversation.

Every great threesome begins with great conversation.


If You Want Monogamy, You Must Sleep With More People

Fall is in the air. And you want to go apple picking and then have amazing oral sex afterwards. You want that one special someone you can cook with, laugh with, and share Hot Toddies and MBOs with all winter long. You want someone to keep you warm at night. I get it. That’s why I keep three horses and one husband.

MBO=Mind Blowing Orgasm

I've got my love to keep me warm...

I’ve got my love to keep me warm…My favorite horse- Sebastian II.

Wanting a monogamous relationship is like wanting a second mortgage. If you appear desperate, you are going to get turned down. If you haven’t been given an MBO by another human being or a very intelligent domesticated animal within the last 2 weeks, you ARE going to appear desperate.

If you are not orgasmically satisfied, you will walk around with The Look Of Expectation on your face, which, as we have discussed, is really fucking gross.

Here is a fundamental NSA Truth you need to accept and understand:

NSA Truth

People want to sleep with people who are already sleeping with other people.

THIS guy wants to be in a relationship with me now...

THIS guy wants to be in a relationship with me now, because…

When we see someone who is sexually satisfied and emotionally content, we immediately think 3 Things:

1.  This person is being given Mind Blowing Orgasms all the time, which means this person  is SocioSexually Valuable.

2.  This person is happy, so this person is capable of making ME happy.

3.  I want to rip this person away from their beautiful life of SocioSexual Freedom and Multi-Orgasmic Bliss and make them spend the night at my house and take baths with me at night and make ricotta pancakes with me in the morning. I want to buy this person an awesome sweater. I want to tie this person to the bed, bang their brains out all weekend, every weekend, and then on Mondays, I want us to go to trivia nights at intellectual dive bars. And I want us to ride bikes. Often. I want to steal this person away from all the people they are having good times and MBOs with and make them have good times and MBOs with ME AND ONLY ME forever and ever and ever until late March or early April.

...Because I am currently sleeping with THIS guy.

…Because I am currently sleeping with THIS guy.

Therefore, if you want someone to want to sleep with you and ONLY YOU, you have to start sleeping with as many other people as possible. These other people are wonderful human beings that you would NEVER consider having an actual relationship with. They exist purely for your short-term erotic pleasure and emotional well-being. Because you don’t really care about these people in the long-term, you can feel comfortable being your real self around them. You can actually be NICE to them while simultaneously demanding exactly what you want from them in and out of bed. WAW.

WAW= We All Win.

My PEEPs. We respect each other and share good times and MBOs.

My PEEPs. We respect each other and share good times and MBOs.

These are not “Fuck Buddies”. That is a stupid and gross way to refer to other human beings. These are adventurous and attractive people that you have great sex with but expect nothing from, other than pleasure and respect. These are beautiful people who will give you orgasms and keep you from being a total psycho when you are with that person you actually really like. These are your PEEPS–


        Persons (of)




Read the post below to find out The Best Places To Meet More PEEPs…

I would NEVER marry this guy. But he gives me MBOs, buys me Aperol Spritzes and tells me he loves me ALL THE TIME.

I would NEVER marry this guy. But he gives me MBOs, buys me Aperol Spritzes and tells me he loves me ALL THE TIME.


Where To Meet Hot People Who Want To Sleep With You-NYC

I know where to find hot, horny, single people. And I invite them to the NSA Seminar for YOU!

I know where to find hot, horny, single people. And I invite them to the NSA Seminar for YOU!

(Remember to always click on the RED TEXT for links to useful information and photos of hot people)

People are always asking me, “Dr. Alex, WHERE do you find all these gorgeous, brilliant, Sexual Angels who give you MBOs and blissful moments of euphoric happiness and true human connection with No Strings Attached? And where can I find attractive, adventurous and intelligent people to make ME Orgasmically Satisfied, so that I am not such an anxious and depressed jackass in my daily life and also not such a psycho when I meet someone I really really like?”

MBO= Mind Blowing Orgasms 

I meet hot girls too. I invite only the sexiest and most adventurous people to the NSA Seminar. This is Federica. She'll be there...

I meet hot girls too. This is Federica from Napoli. She’ll be at The NSA Seminar in NYC! Plane tickets have been purchased.

Fear not, Fuckables! It’s easier than you think.

Below are The Top Three Places in New York City to meet hot and horny single PEEPs who want to give you MBOs.

Click on the text in red for links to more information and don’t forget to practice your LIEing skills on these people. And, when you talk to them, try your hardest to SSL!

The NSA Seminar. If you sit in the SINGLES section, you will probably end up making out with hot strangers.

The NSA Seminar.  Attention: If you sit in the SINGLES section, you will probably end up making out with hot strangers.

1. The NSA Seminar and After-Party: My live show and party is happening at Joe’s Pub at The Public Theater, NYC on Fridays, October 11, November 8, and December 6th at 11:30pm. Two hundred attractive and adventurous people (most of which have been hand-selected by me) attend the show, get drunk, sing songs and interact with each other, often making out on stage in front of everyone.  Then we all go to an after-party at a nearby hotspot where you will meet hundreds more hot strangers with whom you can practice what I preach.

They were strangers before they came to NSA. I met him in Central Park. I met her at NYU. I invited them to come back on October 11th so they can meet you...

They were strangers before they came to NSA. I met him in Central Park. I met her at NYU. I invited them to come back on October 11th so they can meet you…

2. Youth Hostels: The people who stay in youth hostels are single and adventurous young men and women from other countries who just want to meet nice locals, be taken to “real places” and “have an authentic experience”. YOU are a nice local. “Real places” means a falafel place followed by your apartment. “Have an authentic experience” means they want to give and receive as many MBOs as possible before they have to catch their flight home.

I find hotties like these at Youth Hostels and invite them to the NSA Seminar. WAW!
I find foreign hotties like these at Youth Hostels and invite them to The NSA Seminar. WAW!

The following NYC Hostels always have the hottest people:

The New York Loft Hostel: Every person who stays here plays an instrument and/or is a pretty decent photographer.

Met him at a hostel.

Met him at a hostel…

The Bowery House: Everyone I have ever met here was TRULY Bi-Sexual. Be careful because some of them use heroin recreationally occasionally.

The American Dream Hostel: Mostly Eastern Europeans. All Serbians are amazing in bed. So are most  Romanians, Russians, Slovakians and 2/3 of Polish people.

The Gramercy Park Hotel: This place is basically a really expensive hostel for single rich people between the ages of 27 and 58. They are all from Europe, Los Angeles or Lebanon, they are all millionaires and they are all into some really kinky shit.

3. LinkedIn: These people all really need to get laid.

He is the Spanish Ambassador to Italy. He has a Foot Fetish (WAW). When in NYC, he stays at GPH and always comes to the NSA Seminar.

See you all on October 11th.

Dress To Impress.


Sexy, interesting people from all over the world come to NYC to NSA.

Sexy, interesting people from all over the world come to NYC to NSA.

Reclaiming Your TEEN Energy

Can you feel our TEEN Energy?

Everyone wants to have sex with teenagers. And it’s not because they have perfect bodies and cute little faces, it’s because of their TEEN Energy. TEENs are able to effortlessly actualize the Principle of NSA=NSA. They are constantly experimenting without Expectations, they don’t adhere to tired conventions or rigid belief systems, and they have a “Driven By Desire” attitude that is devastatingly attractive.

TEEN Energy

I have sex with teenagers all the time. And not because I have a thing for teenagers. It’s because teenagers have a thing for ME. WHY? Because although I am 38 years old, I have TEEN Energy. I have more TEEN Energy than most teenagers. And they WANT it. So, they enter me, looking for it. Over and over and over again. At any age, YOU are capable of reclaiming that powerful TEEN Energy that will draw people of all ages to you. I’m going to tell you how to do it, but you must pay close attention, because it involves science and math.

Name: Carlo
Age: 18
Hometown: Napoli, Italy
Likes: Long walks, soccer, motorcycles, Radiohead and “How I Met Your Mother”

Creating TEEN Energy

Creating any kind of ENERGY is a two-part process consisting of




Which can be expressed by the following mathematical formula:

D + B = E

Thus to create TEEN Energy, You must DO like a TEEN and you must BE like a TEEN.

You must DO this:





Name: Alessio
Age: 19
Hometown: Napoli, Italy
Likes: Pizza, large dogs, BDSM, “How I Met Your Mother”

Most adults can’t do that. Most adults Try Nothing and Expect Everything. So, if you can do it, you automatically become better than everyone around you, which will make everyone want to sleep with you.


People want to sleep with people who are better than they are.

Name: Carolina
Age: 19
Hometown: Napoli, Italy
Likes: English Literature, Salvatore Ferragamo, Yoga, “How I Met Your Mother”

Starting today, I want you to start Trying EVERYTHING. I want you to start experimenting with music, fashion, food, travel, and sexual preferences. Every day, I want you to do at least three things that you have never done before. I want you to Expect Nothing from these experiences and I want you to talk about these new experiences with sexy adult strangers, aka your PEEPs.

Never be nostalgic or talk about memories. That’s what old people do. You are a TEEN. You are constantly doing NEW things and sharing your NEW experiences with NEW PEEPs.

Driven By Desire

Once you start behaving like a TEEN, by Trying Everything and Expecting Nothing, your Aura of Experience is going to glow brighter than ever. Other adults will start being interested in you and they will ask you “WHY?” you are doing things.

If you want to Never Sleep Alone, you must answer this question the way a TEEN would. When someone asks you WHY you are doing something you must respond in only one way:

“Because I want to.”

Try Everything Expect Nothing! I’m at a French Circus in Naples, Italy…

Because you WANT to. That is the only reason you ever do anything.  Because, like a teenager, you are now a creature of pure desire. And that desire is a contagious aphrodisiac. The other adults around you will actually be able to feel and smell the fearless DESIRE dripping off of you and this will make you the most attractive person in the room.

This PEEP is also at the circus. He wants to buy me a drink. And, I Expected Nothing to happen at the circus…

The Walking Dead

After the age of 21, human beings are no longer in a state of growth. You are in a state of decay. You and the people around you are dying slowly, and deep down, you are all scared shitless.  This is a ridiculous fear because this is only a scientific reality, and scientific reality often has very little to do with actual reality.

In actual reality, it is after the age of 21 that we look and feel our best. And is after the age of 28 that we finally become socially confident, sexually interesting, and able to give and receive MBOs. (MBO=Mind Blowing Orgasm)

Nevertheless, this unconscious fear of death is rooted deep within our DNA and adults  react to this fear in a strange way. Shortly after the age of 21, most adults stop caring about creating a life of pleasure and excitement, and begin to believe that if they do things because they want to, they will die faster. Thus, most adults stop being Driven by Desire and start becoming Goal Oriented.

Name: Gennaro
Age: 27 (but acts 19)
Hometown: Napoli (Scampia), Italy
Likes: Plumbing, beer, German weapons, “How I Met Your Mother”

Goal Oriented people believe that everything they do must have a plan, a purpose and an expected outcome.  In an effort to die slowly, Goal Oriented people ignore their Desires and pay more and more attention to their Obligations. This is very dangerous. If you ignore the true value of Desire and place too much false value on Obligations you run the risk of becoming a BAD person.




Look around you. I bet most of the adults you know are Boring, Angry and Depressed.

At The NSA Seminar, we turn BAD adults into Hot TEENs.

BE Like a TEEN- Reject “The Four Rs”

Most people believe that being an adult means that you must live your life according to The Four Rs.

As an adult you are told that you must be: Rational, Reserved, Respectful and Responsible.

The Four Rs are not sexy. Nobody wants to sleep with someone who is BEING Rational, Reserved, Respectful and Responsible.

If you want to Never Sleep Alone, you must DO like a TEEN ( Try Everything, Expect Nothing) and you must BE like a TEEN by BEING:





Thoughtless: This doesn’t mean you are deliberately inconsiderate. It means that you truly do not think before you do something. You just DO IT because, unlike all the BAD adults around you, you are Driven by Desire. You never think about the future, you never think about how others will perceive you, you never THINK! You DO. And if you piss someone off, you just say, “Oh my god. I’m so sorry. I guess I wasn’t thinking.”  They will not be angry with you. They will want to have sex with you.

Name: IDK
Age: IDC
Homtown: Napoli, Italy
Likes: Going to the circus, buying drinks, giving MBOs, “How I Met Your Mother”

Enthusiastic: You are not Reserved like all the other boring adults around you. YOU are excited and interested in every experience and every person. You make whoever is speaking to you feel like they are contributing greatly to your knowledge and happiness. You are never depressed or angry. You are always happy and you are eager to share your happiness with others.

Energetic: You are never tired. You have more energy than everyone else around you.  You are not Respectful of other people’s weaknesses or lack of energy. Your eyes shine with an otherworldly intensity. Unlike the other BAD adults around you, you are open to whatever the night brings you, regardless of the fact that you may have work to do in the morning. You are not Respectful of rules, regulations or the existing social order. You lie to your boss, you sneak into buildings, you jump over fences and you let married people buy you drinks.

Naïve: You are not jaded, you are not bitter and you are not a know-it-all. You are not Responsible for your actions. Sometimes you get a little crazy because you “usually don’t drink” or “have never felt like this before”. You are innocent and you exhibit a child-like stupidity mixed with an insatiable intellectual curiosity. Whoever you are talking to is your wise teacher, your new advisor, and you are ever so grateful to them.

NEVER talk about politics, your medical issues, or long-term goals! That’s what old, scared people do. You are a TEEN. You have no fear of death and no concern for the future. All you want out of life is to meet new people and to have new experiences.

And remember, when someone asks you WHY you’re doing something, you SMILE, look them in the eye and say: “Because I want to.”  IMG_3186

Why am I sitting at a random bar at a random French Circus in Naples, Italy, about to make out again with this guy?

Because I WANT to.