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My name is Dr. Alex Schiller* and I Never Sleep Alone.

Unless I want to.

I want to help you. I want to help you become the most powerful version of yourself, so that you will never be lonely, or hungry or horny again.

I am often asked, “Dr. Alex, how do I find The One? How do I find that perfect person who makes me feel complete?”

My answer to that question is always the same:

To find The One, you must become The One.

NSA is a philosophy consisting of Nine NSA Principles, that when fully actualized, are guaranteed to transform you into The One.

Soon, we will meet face to face at one of my NSA Seminars. Soon, you will be given The Book. But, for now,  I want you to visit me here every day. Every day there will be new information. Every day there will be new revelations.

I want you to come often.

*Dr. Alex Schiller is a character created and performed by Roslyn Hart. Roslyn Hart holds no advanced degrees in medicine or psychology and the advice contained on this website is based on her personal opinions and experiences. Though a character, Dr. Alex has helped thousands of real life human beings transform themselves and fulfill their sociosexual desires with her live dating show Never Sleep Alone, which is currently in residence at Joe’s Pub at The Public Theater in New York City. Her first book, Never Sleep Alone, will be published under the Gallery Books imprint of Simon and Schuster Publishing and will be available in stores February 3, 2015. You can pre-order it now by clicking the tab to the right and if you email doctoralex@neversleepalone.com with your receipt, you will receive an advance chapter.


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How To Have A Threesome- Lesson 5

Dr Alex Schiller

If you want to have a threesome, a sixsome or even just a twosome, you have to draw people to you by being C³. In order for Willing Foreign Bodies (WFBs) to be attracted to you, you must be Captivating, Curious and Capable.

We discussed how to be Captivating and Curious in the postings below. And, if you want step-by-step instructions on how to transform your existence and make everyone you meet want to become a part of your world, you need only pre-order my book online, email me a copy of your receipt to DoctorAlex@NeverSleepAlone.com, and I will send you an advance preview the entire STAR chapter, so that you will be well ahead of the game by the time your book arrives.

And now…

How To Be Capable

having the ability, fitness, or quality necessary to do or achieve a specified thing. Able to achieve efficiently whatever one has to do; competent.


If you want people to want to go to bed with you, you have to make them believe you will know what to do once you get there. You must make them believe that you are a generous, intuitive, compassionate and consistent lover who is Capable of giving them MBOs over and over and over again.

MBO = Mind Blowing Orgasm

If you want them to believe that about you, then you must do the following three things when you are interacting socially.


Never complain about your job, your exes, your finances, your health — Never complain about anything. Think about all the things you love about your life and share only those things. Ask others what they love about their lives. If somebody is complaining, you must steer the conversation to a happy place. The easiest way to get people out of their heads and into your bed is to talk about travel fantasies. Tell them you have either just returned from or are planning a trip to _____(fill in blank with a cinematically sexy and preferably international location) and ask them where they want to travel to next and what they would do if they had all the money and time in the world.

"I think your last album was your finest thus far. Don't you guys think so?"

“I think your last album was your finest thus far. Don’t you guys think so?”

Cultivate positive energy.

NSA Truth

Positive energy is easily converted into sexual energy. 


Every human being is longing for physical contact. I’m not talking about sexual contact. I’m talking about the compassionate feeling of living skin on living skin. If you’re having a great conversation with someone, no matter what gender they are or how you feel about them sexually, tell them how much you are enjoying their company and, when appropriate, give their arm or hand an affectionate squeeze or give them a human hug or platonic kiss.

I don't wanna sleep with these awesome ladies, but by showing them human affection...

I don’t wanna sleep with these awesome ladies, but by showing them human affection…

If you sense they are into you sexually and you aren’t into them sexually you can subtly mention your attraction or involvement with someone else. As long as they know where they stand with you sociosexually, they won’t take your affection the wrong way.

Being affectionate with sexually irrelevant people demonstrates to WFBs watching that you are a generous and compassionate human and therefore a generous and compassionate lover.

Look how quickly a WFB comes into my orbit. How he doth hover!

Look how quickly a WFB comes into my orbit. How he doth hover!


Everyone wants to sleep with a dedicated and consistent lover who they believe will definitely give them a Mind Blowing Orgasm (MBO). It would be classless and creepy to meet a WFB at a sociosexual watering hole and say, “When I go down on you, I’m gonna worship your genitals with my hands, mouth and body and I’m not gonna stop until you have the most intense orgasm of your life.”

That would be really weird.

But, what you can do, is psychically convey this to them by working on something sensual and difficult at the bar while you’re waiting for WFBs to enter your orbit. You can be trying to untangle a necklace with a pin, you can be trying to translate a foreign language song, you can be trying to crochet something, or learn calligraphy, you can be trying to wrap a friend’s birthday gift in elegant paper and get the ribbon just right.

When WFBs enter your orbit and begin talking to you, give them your attention, but do NOT stop what you’re doing. Say something like, “I AM listening to you. But, when I start something, I always make sure to finish… because I know it’s going to feel amazing afterwards.”

He wants to help me get the difficult dialect just right...

He wants to help me get that difficult dialect just right…

Do those things, and everything else I talk about in my blog and book, and I promise people will want to sleep with you. Don’t forget to pre-order Never Sleep Alone today, email me the receipt and I will send you the STAR chapter. It’s one of the most important ones. 

Tomorrow, I’m going to tell you how to be C³ once you get them into your bed. I’m gonna tell you the DOs and DONT’s of threesomes and I’m gonna give you specific techniques to ensure that you and your PEEPs will have MBOs over and over and over again.

I will not stop until you are satisfied.



How To Have a Threesome-Lesson 4

If you want people to want to have a threesome or any other kind of sociosexual intercourse with you, you must be C³-

Captivating, Curious and Capable

When you are C³,  you create a powerful Orgiastic Energy that pulls Wiling Foreign Bodies into your orbit. WFBs are the sexy PEEPs who want to sleep with you.

We talked about being Captivating in the post below. And, if you want me to email you detailed instructions on HOW to transform yourself into the most Captivating person anyone has ever met (within one week!), you need only click on one of these links and pre-order my book through BarnesandNoble.com, Amazon.com, Indibound, Books A Million, or the ibook store. Also available for Kindle and Nook.  When you email a copy of the receipt to DoctorAlex@NeverSleepAlone.com, I will email you an advance preview on the complete STAR chapter of my book so you can be a step ahead of the rest.

I make sure I look Captivating when I go to the soccer games...

I make sure I look Captivating when I go to the soccer games…

And now…

How To Be Curious

Ask questions. Lots of them. And actually listen to the answers people give you.  Remember the NSA Principle of ADT (Ask Don’t Tell) and whenever you have the urge to tell a sexually attractive person something about yourself, ASK them something about themselves instead. If you are trying to have a threesome (or orgy) with multiple people, make sure you are asking each WFB in the group an equal amount of questions. Make it all about them. Make them feel like they are interesting and entertaining.

It turns people on to talk about themselves.

It turns people off when you talk too much about yourself.

NSA Truth

People will always be more turned on by what they imagine about you than by what you tell them about yourself. 

"So... you guys call it, 'calcio'...?

“So… you guys call it, ‘calcio’…?

So, shut up about yourself for once and instead, ask people questions about themselves. And always preface your opening question with a compliment.


“You have an amazing sense of style. Where do you like to shop in the city?”

“That’s such a cool bag. Do you travel a lot?”

“I love your glasses. Are you reading anything you love right now?”

Unlock the conversation with a simple compliment and a simple question and then gradually, if you two have Chemistry, you can shift to more erotic topics. When you make the shift into erotic topics preface your first question with a short and intriguing statement about yourself. End the statement with a brief pause, take a sip of your drink and hold eye contact with your PEEP as you continue with the question.

"I met the goalie once, but we were covered in mud at the time. Have you ever been to a turkish bathhouse?"

“I met the goalie once, but we were covered in mud at the time. Have you ever been to a turkish bathhouse?”


“I adore the food here…Do you think it’s true what they say about oysters?”

“I found it difficult to find good wine in Thailand. Have you ever had a thai massage?”

“Oh dear, I think I slept with the bartenders cousin after an Oscar Party. Have you ever had a threesome?”

"So... this is where Vincenzo Bellini made love for the first time...?"

“So… this is where Vincenzo Bellini made love for the first time…?”

If you are successfully Captivating and Curious and you two have Chemistry and the conversation is going well, it will be very easy for you to get that PEEP or PEEPs back to your house. All you have to do, is make them believe you are a Capable lover.

And we will talk about how to do that next time.

Right now, I am very curious about something.

A domani.

"So...you just lick it the same way as an American ice cream cone...?"

“So…you just lick it the same way as an American ice cream cone…?”

How To Have A Threesome-Lesson 3


As I said, if you want a threesome, you can’t force it. Actively seeking a threesome gives you The Look Of Expectation which will make you very unattractive and nobody will want to have a threesome with you. However, you CAN create the powerful magnetic force that pulls Willing Foreign Bodies directly into your orbit and you CAN create the Orgiastic Energy that makes threesomes spontaneously happen.

I’m gonna tell you how to do it right now.

I don't go looking for it. It just happens.

I don’t go looking for it. It just happens.

But, I want you to think long and hard and be sure that this is what you really want. Because if you actually do what I tell you to do, people are going to be all over you.

I was just minding my own business, reading and spinning...

I was just minding my own business, being C3…

The good news is, 98 percent of people just read self-help and never take action. So, if you want to be one of those PEEPs  who just reads advice for shits and giggles with no intention of making a positive change, go ahead.  But let it be known, IF you decide to be one of the few exceptional individuals that actually follows my advice, your life will change dramatically.


If you take action you will get action. 

 In order to attract Willing Foreign bodies into your orbit and make everyone you meet want to sleep with you, you have to be C³– Captivating, Curious and Capable. Today we will focus on:

How To Be Captivating

cap·ti·vat·ing/ˈkaptəˌvātiNG/ adjective

Definition: capable of attracting and holding interest; charming.


Being Captivating is so damn easy. You only have to do three things. Anybody can do these things, but most people never do. So, if YOU can make yourself do it, you will automatically be the most captivating person in any situation, WFBs will be attracted to you and you will have more threesome opportunities than you know what to do with.

1.  Always Go Out Alone and Always Have A Mission

When you go out for an evening all by yourself, you automatically arouse the curiousity and desire of everyone you meet because by going out alone, you are projecting the energy of a Fearless, Independent, Relaxed and Erotic person. And those are the four most attractive qualities in a human being. Also, going out without your cock-blocking friends makes you open to interactions with other PEEPs and allows you to experiment with different personas and sociosexual roles until you find what works for you.

When you go out alone you make NEW friends. Sometimes famous Neapolitan rapper friends who buy your pasta and give you backstage passes...

When you go out alone you make NEW friends. Sometimes famous Neapolitan rapper friends who buy your pasta and give you backstage passes…

I am so tired, of people writing, “But Dr. Alex. I never meet anyone when I go out!” And I write back, “When was the last time you went out alone?” And they write back, “But, I don’t want to go out alone.” Fine. Stay in wearing your coffee-stained Garfield t-shirt and faded yoga pants, or keep going out with your cockblocking friends, doing the same thing over and over again until your genitals turn to dust. Ain’t no skin off my back. More WFBs and MBOs for me.


My new hobby aka “Mission”

MBO=Mind-Blowing Orgasm

If you are nervous about going out alone, just make sure you Always Have A Mission. A mission is something you want to accomplish while you are out. This could be reading a book, learning a foreign language or being an amateur DJ. You will find that the more focused you are on your mission, the more WFBs will be drawn to you. I always go out alone. And I never sleep alone.

Unless I want to.

2. Always Dress Like A STAR

Remember the NSA Principle of STAR?

STAR = Style Transcends Actual Reality


The amazing garment I’m holding was designed by the incomparable Amber Patton. She designs exquisite and unique pieces that will make you instantly captivating.  Know it. Wear it. Get it. AmberPatton.com #MBOoutfits

I go into this in great detail in The Book and if you pre-order it HERE and email the receipt to DoctorAlex@NeverSleepAlone.com, I will send you an advance preview of the whole STAR chapter today, so you’ll have step-by-step instructions on how to transform yourself, your home and your personality and finally become a seductive and exciting person who everyone wants to sleep with. But, I can tell you right now, if you want to attract people to you, you MUST dress and carry yourself in a a unique way that heightens your presence and sets you apart from everyone else in the room.

You must imagine that your life is a movie and that you are the star of this movie. As the star of this movie, your job is to incite the curiosity and desire of everyone who looks at you.

NSA Truth

Curiosity and desire are the foundations of sexual attraction and romantic obsession. 

Don’t wear boring-ass Ann Taylor Loft outfits or Khakis (or dad jeans) and golf shirts. Life is too short to dress like an awkward and boring person. Dress like a bold, confident, sensual and romantic person. Clothing is about function. Costumes are about fantasy. Make it your goal to be a walking fantasy.


The power of sunglasses…

And always wear sunglasses during the day. Rain or shine. A nice pair of sunglasses will make you instantly look elegant and mysterious. There is also a very magical thing about sunglasses that I talk about in the book, which I will send you via email if you pre-order it HERE

But let’s move on.

3. Leave Your Cock-Blocking Phone At Home

Unless you can end your dependency on your mobile phone, nobody amazing will ever want to have a threesome or any other kind of sociosexual intercourse with you.

Do you wanna sleep with this guy?

Do you wanna sleep with this guy?

It will be difficult for you to live without your phone at first, but if you want to be beautiful, powerful and fuckable, you MUST start living without being constantly connected to your damn phone.Your smartphone is not only making you anxious and ruining your eyesight and posture, it is also severely diminishing your erotic energy. When you are connected to your mobile device, you create a negative energy that actually repels the Willing Foreign Bodies that you want to enter your orbit and have a threesome with you.

Just start leaving it at home for a couple of hours when you go out a night. Don’t worry that someone might be trying to get a hold of you. People can wait. People want to wait. Making people wait makes people want to sleep with you. The next time you are out, look around you at all of the anxious and mediocre people who are scrolling through their smartphones with The Look of Expectation on their sad and sexually irrelevant faces.

You do not want to be one of those people.

Ditch the phone and  get some sunglasses. Stop thinking  "Comfortable and Casual" and start thinking  "Fearless and Fuckable"

Ditch the phone and get some sunglasses and a nice jacket. Stop thinking “Comfortable and Casual” and start thinking “Fearless and Fuckable”

Be the person who looks amazing and goes out alone. Be the interesting and passionate person who is at the bar reading, or drawing, or dancing — Not the awkward average person who is playing Candy Crush, texting with people who find you sexually irrelevant or updating your Facebook wall.

Look like a star and live like a star and I promise you, those WFBs will come into your orbit and give you MBOs over and over and over again.

And this is how a WFB becomes a STAR. #SFHN

And this is how a WFB becomes a STAR.

Soon we will talk about how to be Curious and Capable, how to get WFBs back to your house and into your bed and what to do (and not do) once you get them there.

But tonight, PLEASE do yourself a favor, dress in an outfit that makes you feel beautiful and powerful, leave your cockblocking friends and your stupid Smartphone behind, and start living the cinematic and magical life you were meant to lead.

Don’t wait until tomorrow.

Tomorrow your genitals could turn to dust.

Ciao for now, my beautiful and fuckable angels.

I gotta run some drills.


How To Have A Threesome- Lesson 2

F & G 3

So, how do you find these hot and horny Threesome Seekers who want to do all sorts of beautiful and filthy things with you, as they worship your body, respect your soul, feed you grapes, and give you MBOs over and over and over again until the three of you collapse in a mutually satisfied state of post-orgasmic euphoric bliss?

Calm down, fuckables. You can find them almost anywhere. I will soon tell you the Top 5 Places to find Threesome Seekers. But, remember, it’s very easy to convert a previously prudish person into a willing and active participant in a threesome. The important thing is how to attract Willing Foreign Bodies into your orbit and how to create the Orgiastic Energy that makes threesomes organically happen.

Can you feel the OE coming off these WFBs?

Can you feel the OE? Me and Feda got that WFB on lockdown. #TGIF


To attract WFBs into your orbit and create OE you have to project The Three Cs. If you want people to want to have a threesome (or any kind of Sociosexual Intercourse)  with you, you must be:




Tomorrow, we will go into how to become C³.

But today, you must prepare your environment. Read THIS and get yourself ready for the best sex and loves of your life.

Also, if you pre-order my book at a discounted price HERE or HERE and email me a copy of the receipt to DoctorAlex@NeverSleepAlone.com, I will send you a confidential copy of a special Bonus Chapter that my publishers cut from the book for “legal reasons”.


Go buy my book and go get your shit together.



I love you.


How To Have A Threesome- Lesson 1


Certified 100% Organic

Thousands of men and women have written me, or approached me after my live show, saying, “Dr. Alex, I really want a threesome! How can I make it happen?!”

You can’t.

Just as you can’t force enlightenment, You can’t “make a threesome happen.”  It must happen organically. You can’t go looking for it. Being a Threesome Seeker will give you The Look Of Expectation.  And, if you have The Look of Expectation on your face, NOBODY will want to have a threesome with you.


Both totes Threesome Seekers

Both totes Threesome Seekers

However, you can develop an awareness that will help you instantly detect other Threesome Seekers. You can create a powerful magnetic energy that will pull Threesome Seekers directly into your orbit. And you can be prepared, so that when they come into your orbit and that threesome happens, all three of you have MBOs all over the place.

This week, I’m going to tell you WHERE to find Threesome Seekers, HOW to attract them into your orbit and WHAT to do (and not do) to make the threesome a magical and orgasmic experience for all involved.

I must go now, because these beautiful gentiluomini are preparing a post-MBO lunch for me. Read the posting below and prepare your environment so you can become the STAR of your own threesome. And tomorrow we will go deeper.

The world is a happy place after MBOs

Certified 100% Orgasmic. The World is a happy place after MBOs.


Want an Advance Copy of Never Sleep Alone?


Do you want to read Never Sleep Alone before the rest of the world gets it? We are now offering advance copies of The Book to a select few adventurous and articulate single PEEPs who are ready to take the NSA CHALLENGE and transform their lives. You must agree to read the book, do all 9 NSA Challenges before October 1st, write about your experiences  and share your stories on the relaunched NeverSleepAlone.com.

Interested PEEPs should submit your request for a free advance copy via email to DoctorAlex@NeverSleepAlone.com. RIF


Reading Is Fun.


The Proper Environment For Seduction


Nobody wants to have a sexual encounter in an apartment that looks like that. If you want to Never Sleep Alone, you must inspire and seduce everyone around you into wanting to become a part of your world. Your home is the most important part of that world. You must be inspired and turned on by your own environment, and the second someone walks through your door, they must feel like they are entering the magical, sensual world of an Exceptional Individual.

Therefore, you must eliminate all of the anti-sensual shit that most people usually have in their homes and create a unique and exquisite environment that is cinematically beautiful and appeals to the five senses of sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch.

You Must Eliminate This Shit From Your Home

Dirty Laundry, Dirty Dishes, Dirty Litter Boxes, Dirty Pets*, Dirty Anything:  It’s gross. Clean it, hide it, or euthanize it.

Florescent Lighting: It makes everyone look horrible and feel gross. Overhead lighting of any kind is a bad idea.

Magazines, Newspapers or Books In the Bathroom: Nobody wants to think of you reading on the toilet.

Photos of exes, photos of you when you were much younger, photos of dead pets: This implies that you are holding on to the past, which is very depressing and very unattractive. And don’t display your graduation photos. No matter how recent it was, it’s just sad to think you’re still holding on to that day. Get a new high point.

 Stuffed Animals, Toys, Dolls, or Action Figures: Grow up


This photo is of the same exact apartment, cleaned up and styled. THAT’s a bed people would want  to give you an MBO in.

Remember the NSA Principle of STAR?

STAR= Style Transcends Actual Reality.

Essentials for an Exquisite Environment

If you want to Never Sleep Alone, whether you are a male or a female, you must have the essential elements and items listed below in your home:

Candles: Candles instantly transform the appearance of a home and create a warm and sensual environment. Candlelight is also the most flattering light for the human face and body.

Music:  You should always have at least three hours of diverse, inspiring, and sensual music ready to play the second you arrive home.         Always play music through a decent set of speakers, or a stereo system. Computer sound is depressing.

So much better.

So much better.


Champagne, Wine, Basic Liquors, and Non-Alcoholic Beverages:  Offer the champagne or wine first with the less cinematic liquor and beer as a backup option. If your guest doesn’t want to drink any alcohol, DBA about it.


Be (an)


Fresh Flowers and Live Plants: One bouquet of fresh flowers instantly transforms an ordinary room into a cinematic environment and implies that you are an Exceptional and Romantic Individual. Fresh cut flowers make people think of cobblestone streets, vintage bicycles, and afternoons spent in the outskirts of Paris making sweet love in secret gardens under the warm spring sun. Never have dying flowers or plants in your house. No dried flowers, either. Dried flowers are the decoration of choice for suicidal teenagers and bitter old women. They will make people unconsciously think of dying animals and decaying genitalia.

 A bowl of fresh fruit: Always keep a bowl of real fresh fruit on your kitchen table or counter. Looking at fruit makes people think about oral sex. Eating fruit (especially pineapple!) makes people’s genitals taste amazing. WAW.

Coffee and Tea: Most people want coffee or tea in the morning. You must have these on hand in case someone spends the night.

Extra Toothbrushes: Because using a finger as a toothbrush is unsanitary and depressing.

Condoms: Self-explanatory.

See you tonight at Joe’s Pub, New York City at 9:30pm. There are less than ten tickets left. If you’re coming, get them now by clicking the yellow button.

GDGH Demo 1




How To Dress for NSA and Every Day

Me and the mayor of Fiesole's son. This is an NSA Fashion "DO"

Me and the mayor of Fiesole’s son. He is an example of an NSA Fashion “DO”

If you want to Never Sleep Alone, you must always dress in a way that heightens your presence and makes you stand out from the rest of the Mediocre Majority. In order to look like an Exceptional Individual, all you have to do is costume yourself according to the Collective Erotic Unconscious and embody a SocioSexual Archetype.

Me and a random beta-male in Piazetta Nilo. He is an NSA Fashion "DON'T"

Me and a random beta-male in Piazetta Nilo. He is an NSA Fashion “DON’T”

The Collective Erotic Unconscious consists of the historical collection of mankind’s universal and erotically charged experiences of the primeval emotions of love, lust, envy and fear. The SocioSexual Archetypes are the characters who have recurred throughout history in various forms and have always stirred within us those primeval emotions, while simultaneously representing our own inner struggle between light and dark. I know it seems complicated, but all you really need to understand is that every woman on earth wants to sleep with an intelligent soldier, a sensitive investment banker, a masculine dance instructor, or a rich vampire. And every man on earth wants to sleep with a prostitute in a red dress, his mother in a flowing gown or his best friend in a tailored suit.


Lecturing the scugnizzi of Napoli on the importance of grooming and hygiene

Accept these undeniable truths. Then costume yourself and behave accordingly.

And, remember that the way you smell is even more important than the way you look. Never smell like dying flowers, mothballs, creamed-corn, aged cheese, stale beer, musty attics, abandoned butcher shops, active fishing boats, dried urine, or stale breadcrumbs.

Brush your teeth and floss at least twice a day, use gum or mints after smoking and/or drinking coffee or alcohol (these quickly create bacterial compounds that cause horrible breath — espresso + marijuana and beer + parmesan are among the worst combinations) and visit the dentist often so that your mouth doesn’t smell like a rotting corpse.

NSA Truth Bad breath is the number one killer of seduction.

Make sure your hair and armpits always smell like heaven and your genitals always taste like ambrosia. Eat lots of pineapple. Avoid asparagus.

Come to the NSA Seminar this Friday 6/6 at 9pm at Gypsy Sally’s in Washington, DC so I can see your sexy outfit and taste your sweet breath.


NSA LIVE in Washington, DC- Friday, June 6th


I will be bringing the NSA Seminar to Washington DC for ONE NIGHT ONLY on Friday, June 6th, at 9:00pm. The show will be at Gyspy Sally’s on the canal in Georgetown with an after-party to follow at a very sexy lounge…

Tickets are going fast, so reserve your seats today by clicking HERE.

Remember, if you sit in the SINGLES section, you agree to be an active participant in the show and understand you will most likely make out with strangers.

If you are coming from out of town, and need accomodations, consult the sites below.


1. Airbnb.com

2. Hostels.com

3. Travelocity

I can’t wait to see you.