The 9 Habits of Highly Fuckable People #7


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I want to congratulate the sexy PEEPs who attended last night’s NSA Dinner Party for ordering my book, fearlessly following the first six of The 9 Habits of Highly Fuckable People, and bringing your beautiful energy to my dinner party last night! In order for something to be considered a “habit” you must actually do it consistently, not just try it once or twice and then bitch about how “It didn’t work for me!” If you actually follow The 9 Habits of Highly Fuckable People for 4 weeks, I guarantee your life will transform in ways you never thought possible. Anybody can develop these 9 Habits, but most people never will. So, if YOU can actually make yourself do it, I promise you will become The One everyone wants and all of your sociosexual dreams will come true.

And now….

2014-06-06 09.44.50

 Habit #7- You Must Exercise Every Day

Exercise means that you exert your body in a focused manner for an extended period of time. Yes, it is difficult. If it is not difficult, it is not exercise. And, if you do not exercise consistently and constantly challenge yourself to get to the next level of fitness, you will not achieve the maximum benefits and you will never become The One everyone wants.  You must make the time to exercise and you must exercise as often as possible, preferably every day.

Begin with a small commitment of ten minutes a day, three days a week. It will make an immediate positive difference to your physical appearance and mental state. You may not see it or feel it at first, but other people will. And very soon, you will too. Once you have kept that commitment for one week, gradually increase your commitment. Eventually, you want to get to the point where you are exercising for an hour a day, every day.

You must do it.

And don't eat gross stupid food either! If it doesn't make you feel sexy, DON'T PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH!

And don’t eat gross  food either! If it doesn’t make you feel sexy, DON’T PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH!

I don’t care if you were blessed with a perfect body. Regardless of age, weight, or body type, every person on earth should strive to exercise for one hour every day. Exercise is not about vanity. Regular exercise is essential to your health and it is essential to being a fearless, relaxed and seductive person. You will find that on the days you make yourself exercise for one hour, the other hours of the day are spent feeling incredibly powerful, extremely relaxed, and undeniably sexy. You will also find that once you begin exercising regularly, your MBOs become much more intense. With regular exercise, everything looks better, everything sounds better, everything smells better, tastes better, everything feels better, everything IS better.

MBO = Mind Blowing Orgasm

We wer

We were all able to enjoy the amazing food, drink and MBOs at the NSA Dinner Party last night because we all worked out for an hour beforehand.

I promise to help you get started with an exercise program. Regardless, of your age, weight, or income, you CAN maintain a regular exercise schedule. If I can make time in between having MBOs, throwing parties, writing books and getting the world laid to exercise, so can you. Don’t be just another lazy and unfuckable member of the mediocre majority. Take the first step towards becoming the you you’ve always wanted to be and write to me at  so we can work together to make it happen.

If you’d like to be invited to the next NSA Dinner Party, order my book from any of the online retailers by clicking HERE and/or get tickets to the next Joe’s Pub show by clicking HERE, email me the receipt and you will be invited to future NSA Insider events.

I really want you to come.

I'm so blessed to have so many beautiful, powerful and fuckable single people in my life!

I’m so blessed to have so many beautiful, powerful and fuckable single people in my life! Thanks Chef Ziggy at The Iron Horse, NYC for hosting us and cooking us an amazing meal!









The 9 Habits Of Highly Fuckable People #6

IMG_0735-57-57 Habit #6: You Must Create Something Every Day

All human beings have an inherent internal need to create. Most people are too lazy or too scared to bring their creative ideas to fruition. And it is the denial and suppression of the personal creative urge that makes people become unhealthily obsessed with other human beings. You are an artist. You have many creative ideas in your head, from trying a new recipe, to writing a novel, to painting your bathroom wall. Your past obsessions with other human beings were simply your inherent creative need having no other outlet. Therefore in order to become confident, fulfilled, and supremely attractive to everyone you meet, you must begin to actively work on these ideas and make daily creation your top priority.

I love to create new recipes.

I love to create new recipes.

You must paint the wall, take the acting class, learn the guitar, cook the homemade pasta, write the epic poem, make the pornographic sock puppets– Whatever creative idea you have in your head. You must make it your first priority to dedicate as much time as possible every day in bringing that creative idea to life. Even if you can only devote ten minutes a day to working on your creations, it is essential that you make the time to do it. Constant creation will cause you to never become unhealthily obsessed with anyone or anything but yourself and the world you are constantly creating.

Do this, and you will Never Sleep Alone.

Unless you want to.

Even if I'm in love or on vacation, I ALWAYS take time alone to work on my new book every day. Daily creation makes your MBOs stronger.

Even if I’m in love or on vacation with someone, I ALWAYS take time alone to work on my new book every day. Daily creation makes your MBOs stronger.

The 9 Habits of Highly Fuckable People- #5


You become what you do. If you actually DO what I tell you, you will become The One everyone wants and you will love every second of your precious life. If you DON’T take active steps towards transforming yourself, you will stay lonely and desperate, becoming older and unhappier with every passing year until you die with The Look of Expectation on your face and decompose into a pile of unfuckable dust.

And now, I give you… Continue reading

The 9 Habits Of Highly Fuckable People- Part 2

IMG_2498Fuckability has very little to do with your looks, age, or income level. It has everything to do with your habits. If you actually DO the things I tell you to do, everyone will want to do YOU. You don’t have to sleep with everyone. But everyone is going to want to sleep with you. And when everyone wants to sleep with you, you have the power to get whatever you want.

Read my other blog postings and buy my book HERE to learn more about The 9 Habits of Highly Fuckable People. But, today, I give you:

See the world. Find yourself.

See the world. Find yourself.

Habit #4: You Must Travel Internationally

And you must travel alone. Solo international travel is essential to being an exceptional individual whom everyone wants to sleep with. You must strive to go on at least two international trips a year, and you must leave your hometown and visit one new place in your own country at least once a month. Travel is cheaper and easier than you think. Click HERE to learn how to obtain everything you need to make your NSA Travel dreams come true. I provide all the links and all the information. Get it done!

And if you pre-order my book by midnight tonight from any of the online retailers listed HERE and email me the receipt to, you will BE ENTERED TO WIN AN ALL-EXPENSES PAID TRIP TO NAPOLI, ITALY AND THE AMALFI COAST. 

I'd love to get you. On a slow boat to Procida...

I’d love to get you. On a slow boat to Procida…

I want you to close your eyes and visualize a romantic and exotic foreign country that you have always wanted to visit. In what faraway land do you see yourself looking beautiful and powerful, feeling euphorically happy and truly alive, experiencing new sights, smells, sounds, tastes and textures, while eating the most delicious meals of your life, partying with the locals late into the night, taking up temporary residence in an architectural masterpiece and making passionate love to a magnificent stranger as the dawn breaks over the horizon?

The view from my (outdoor) bed in Napoli.

The view from my (outdoor) bed in Napoli.

Then I want you to get dressed in an outfit that makes you feel wonderful when you look in the mirror. Then, I want you to go to a bookstore alone and buy a travel guide for that magical place you have never been.

Take your new travel book, a pen and a notebook to a lively SocioSexual Watering Hole that serves delicious food. Do not invite any of your friends to meet you. Take a seat at the bar, turn off your phone and enjoy a long and leisurely meal alone while you read your travel book and begin planning your dream trip.

Partying with the locals

Partying with the locals

You will be going on this trip by yourself within the next six months. Don’t worry if you don’t have the money yet or if you think it will be difficult to take time off. Stop making excuses and start making an itinerary. You will find that once you begin clearly articulating your desires and creating a step-by-step plan, everything and everyone around you will conspire to make your fantasy a reality.

If anyone at the SocioSexual Watering Hole asks you what you are doing, say: “I’m planning a trip to ________________.” If they ask you why you are going to this amazing location all by yourself, smile and say: “Because I want to.”

Because I want to.

Because I want to.

The 9 Habits of Highly Fuckable People-Part 1



There are people in this world who always get what they want, in and out of bed.

I’m one of them.

The man who owns the gelato shop next door to my Napoli apartment (see photo below) is also one of them. If YOU want the power to get what you want, you need to know the 9 Habits of Highly Fuckable People. And you need to make these habits your own. We will go over three of them today, and I will present more tomorrow.

Habit #1: Have New Experiences With No Expectations

Every day you must strive to do at least 3 things you have never done before. You must go to new places, talk to strangers, and experiment with food, music and sexual preferences.


You must have as many new experiences and sleep with as many new people as possible without expecting a certain outcome. Realize that expectations are pointless, because you can’t control nature and you can’t control other people. You can’t even control yourself yet. If you could, you would make yourself have No Expectations. Practice makes perfect. Start today.

Habit #2:  Go Out Without Your Friends and Without Your Phone

Your friends and your phone are cock blocking you. When you go out alone and without your phone, you project the energy of an adventurous and attractive exceptional individual who everyone wants to get to know better. When you go out with your friends or are constantly looking at your phone, you are just one more obnoxious and insecure member of the mediocre majority. The next time you go out, do it alone and leave your phone at home. Stop outsourcing your instincts.


IMG_0768-60-60 Habit # 3 Always Dress Beautifully and Seductively 

Never leave the house looking like shit. And even when you are home alone you should always wear things that make you feel beautiful and seductive. Throw away anything that makes you feel or look gross. Life is too short to not to be your best self. Before you know it, your genitals will turn to dust. Stop making excuses, start exercising, and start wearing things that make you feel amazing when you look in the mirror.

Even if you only have one or two outfits that you love. it’s better to wear them all the time and make it your goal to meet new people who have never seen you in that outfit before. Go to thrift stores, do clothing swaps with friends, use your imagination and create costumes that are intriguing and exciting. Remember, your life is a movie, and you are the STAR of this movie. And remember that:






More tomorrow.

Me and my gelato-maker have something we need to do.





5 Things You Should Never Discuss On A Date

Come To Never Sleep Alone At Joe's Pub NYC on December 6th to learn the DOs and DON'Ts of Dating

Come To Never Sleep Alone At Joe’s Pub NYC on December 6th to learn the DOs and DON’Ts of Dating

1. Don’t Talk About Your Ex

Nobody wants to hear that shit.

2. Don’t Talk About Money

Never brag about having money or complain about not having money. Your finances are your business and your business only. Never ask someone how much money they make, how much rent they pay, or much credit card debt they have.  Never complain about the price of a bill or about how you don’t have money to go on vacations, etc. If you are majorly in debt, seek counsel from people you find sexually irrelevant and work your ass off to pay that debt down immediately! But never talk about money on a date. People who talk about money suck.

3. Don’t Talk About Your Medical Issues

Nobody needs to know about your high cholesterol, your suspicious moles, your overactive bladder or anything else that is wrong with you. Even if you have a condition that may impact your future with this person, there is no point in bringing it up until you actually HAVE A FUTURE together.

We both wanna go to Nepal!

We both wanna go to Argentina!

4. Don’t Talk About Your Job

Unless you really love your job. Complaining about your job is a major turnoff. Find something you love about your life and talk about that instead. Keep the conversation sexy by talking about future travel plans, a creative project you’re working on, or a show or cultural event you want to attend. 

5. Don’t Talk Shit About Anyone 

He never lets it get awkward when the bill comes #RealMenBuyDrinks

He never lets it get awkward when the bill comes #RealMenBuyDrinks

Gossip is immature and unattractive. If you don’t have anything nice to say, keep your damn mouth shut. Cultivate positivity and generosity. Be nice to waiters, bartenders, cab drivers and bums. And if you’re the one paying, tip generously.

And remember– If YOU ask someone out on a date, you’re the one who pays. 


WHY They Don’t Want To Sleep With You Again

In bed 1

If you slept with someone and it was “absolutely amazing!” but they are no longer calling or texting you, it is usually because of one of three reasons:

Reason #1: You Are Desperate and You Hate Your Life

And they can feel it. They can feel that you hate your job, you hate your home and you hate your body. They can feel that you have no clue what you want to do with your life, and that being with them is your only source of true happiness.

And they think that is gross.

Continue reading

Do You Want To Sleep With These People?

_MG_0132 Do you want to sleep with either of these people? Neither do I. My genitals recoil at the sight of these wretched creatures.

How many times this month have you left the house looking like that? How many times have you unwittingly broadcast to the world: “I’m undersexed, I’m overworked, I’m on a strict budget, and I live an uninspired life.”?

And you wonder why your ass is still single?

Why would you allow yourself to look like that, when with a few minutes of effort and a little imagination,  you could leave your house looking like this: unnamed-1 These are the same people as in the photo before. With 15 minutes of effort and a little imagination, you too can transform yourself from UNFUCKABLE to UNSTOPPALBLE.

 Clothing vs. Costumes

In the first photo, the the man and women are wearing clothing. Clothing is meant to cover nudity and protect human beings from the elements. That’s it.  Boring. Mediocre. When you are wearing clothing and someone looks at you, they feel nothing. In the second photo, the people are wearing costumes. Costumes reveal a bit about you while suggesting a greater story. When you are wearing a costume and people look at you, they immediately have an emotional and sensual response. You stir their imagination. You make them want to know your story. You make them want to sleep with you. You make them want to BE WITH YOU.

I always wear costumes that make me feel powerful and inspired. Even when I'm home doing chores!

I always wear costumes that make me feel beautiful and inspired. Even when I’m home doing chores!

You should never go anywhere unless you are wearing a costume that makes you feel beautiful and makes people feel inspired when they look at you.  One day, you will be forced to sit at home every night in sweatpants, because you will be too old, weak and sexually irrelevant to leave the house, and sweatpants will be the only thing that fit over your adult diaper.

Tonight, I want you to get dressed up in an outfit that makes you feel powerful, beautiful and FUCKABLE. If you’re a male, I want you to ditch that shitty shirt and baggy jeans and sneakers and put on a suit, or nice jeans a collared shirt and a sports jacket and LEATHER SHOES and dress like a real man, not some half-assing punk.


You’re never too young to dress like a real man.

If you’re a female, I want you to ditch the “adorkable” and unfuckable look and put on a beautiful dress that flatters your feminine figure and makes you look and feel like an amazing and seductive WOMAN. I want you to go enjoy a drink, or a tea, or a meal ALONE at a bar or restaurant with bar in it. I want you turn off your goddamned phone for an hour and read a book, write a letter, or just talk to the other people around you.

If you pre-order my book HERE by midnight November 12th and send me the receipt to, I will take an hour out of my busy schedule to go shopping with you and help me you pick out an amazing costume.

DO IT. 9781476741321

Today’s Tip On Becoming A More Fuckable You

This nice man offered to help me cut my tag AND a glass of prosecco!

This nice man offered to help me cut my tag AND gave me a glass of prosecco!

Be generous. In bed and out of bed. Generosity is the most important and attractive quality in a human being. Whether you are a man or a woman, you should strive to always be emotionally, physically, financially, spiritually and sexually generous. Ask not what your PEEP can do for you, but for what you can do for your PEEP.


If you make it all about them, they will make it all about you. 

Wanna Have Dinner With Me In NYC?


Thank you to everyone who attended Saturday night’s NSA show and after-party at Joe’s Pub, NYC! Because it was such a magical night with so many sexy new PEEPs, I have decided to throw an NSA Dinner Party on Sunday, November 23rd to get hot single PEEPs together over an amazing meal.

If you will be in NYC on November 23rd and want to be invited to join us, just order my book, Never Sleep Alone (Simon and Schuster/Dr. Alex Schiller) from any of the online retailers listed HERE, email the receipt to me at by 6pm tomorrow, 11/7, and I will let you know when, where, and what to wear.

I am an excellent cook.

Always beautiful PEEPS at my dinner parties. And we always dress up!

Always beautiful PEEPS at my dinner parties. And we always dress up!